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The Lurcher and Tumbler, Welfare and Breeds Club, of which Jeff is secretary." Our policy of being discriminating in the first instance seems to be working as all seems to be quiet on the 'home finding', welfare needs side - fingers crossed!"

Our line of lurchers are very versatile. Click here to read Billy's story, an assistance dog who is living in the lap of luxury!

Tasmanian Smithfield Lurchers. Compare Tilley's pics on our gallery page with the images that you can view by Googling Tasmaniansmithfield images. Tilley is living proof when I say we have by carefull selective breeding retained the old drovers dog bloodlines in our strain of lurcher. Click here to go to her page.
All the best Jeff.

Training & Behaviour
Jeff recommends Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer as a good example of training dogs.. His methods are controversial, but Jeff reckons you should go and see him and make your own judgement. Check out his web site

An update on the club puppy waiting list.

Unfortunately, as we don’t encourage puppy farming, people have been on our waiting list far too long, and it has got out of date. Rather than us having to ring loads of people, who have settled for something else in the meantime, please could all those presently interested contact Jeff on 01933 381089 (evenings), immediately, so he can update the list.

Also others are planning to breed between now and spring
( Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Somerset). So if you really do want this superior genuine blood lines, why settle for inferior, mere imitations.

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Norfolk's,Smithfield's and

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Meet Josie's new pup, Martha Flowers, pictured above, and watch her develop over the following months.

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Thank you to Jimmy Thompson from the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester, Gloucestershire for this story. It is interesting to see how our strain of today is very similar to this bitch from 1917.

Click here to see the full story about this regiment mascot pictured below.

Catch pups available click here. Parents below
If you have news of or are lucky enough to share your life with a Lurcher or Tumbler of the old-fashioned bloodlines, please share your joy with us, especially if you have clear photos or interesting tales to share. This page is yours - with the usual editing provisos

For news of pups available via the club register please email Josie at the email address above or phone Jeff on 01933 381089 (evenings)

New home sometimes needed As we are very thorough in the people we choose to have our pups, it is very rare (generally due to unforeseen family circumstances) to have adult dogs that need re-homing. If you are interested in putting your name on the list please contact Jeff on 01933 381089.

Pups A bitch Jeff bred with out cross blood to our strain and 'B' (pictured below) shows the throwback to the Labrador blood. She is a very strong but athletic and agile with gun dog nose and brain. Jeff says these pups will come out excellent as he has already done the cross (the opposite way round ) Steamer ( pictured above) will nick back to the old bloodlines in her bringing the pups more classical old strain in looks. Alan wants to breed her because she is such a good worker.

Anyone interested contact Jeff now as they will quickly be spoken for. The gundog blood should make ideal pets or real workers. Jeff tel: 01933 381089 (evenings) Click on the pix below to go to her gallery page.

Come on ye Red!

Red has been busy sweeping the floor at Lurcher Shows this season. Click here to find out more!

His sister Lexi is also winning big time! Click here and scroll down to the bottom of her page.

Lurcher Tee-shirts are available click this sentence to find out more.

One of Mini's pups has gone to Colorado in America to visitors who fell in love with Sam and Ben whilst staying with their family in Yorkshire, England.

The waiting list for pups, as usual, outstrips the supply which is what we encourage so we can ensure only the best owners get their hands on our babies!

Arrow pictured above is living in Chicago. He is from a repeat mating of Steamer and Scruff. Watch his progress over the coming months. Click on the picture above to go to his page.
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Flurry, above, a Smithfield click to go to his page
Colorado here we come!

Why not interview Jeff?

I read recently that Jonny Bluck is in the process of interviewing working Lurchermen, with the intention of producing a book about Lurchers and Lurchermen, equivalent to his one about Terriermen – called “Digging the Dirt.” Johnny Bluck requested that people inform him about people he might have overlooked, who should be included. The book would obviously be the poorer if Jeff is not interviewed. So, is any if you feel that Jeff would be worthy of inclusion, please write to Jonny Bluck C/O Countrywise, PO Box 15975, Redditch, B97 9NN. And suggest that any book on Lurchermen, without the inclusion of Jeff, would fail to cover the subject completely.
If enough of you write, perhaps I can persuade Jeff to overcome his reclusive nature and take part.

Thank you all

P.S I will inform you of the outcome, sometime in the future, and if the book is worth purchasing:- once we know. Meanwhile, Jeff is working on his own book, but sorting so much information into readable form is proving a mammoth task! Jeff jokes, “Training computers is harder than dogs!”

Kay from Kline Studios has two of our dogs, Bruce and Boyce. When his daughter was born he thought he would have to re home them as they live in a flat, and thought it might be too much to handle, but as you can see by the photo above nothing could be further from the truth! Our strain are calm and gentle and make excellent family pets. Click here to go to Bruce & Boyce's gallery page.

Pictured above are modern examples of the rare, but traditionally sought after Norfolk/Smithfield blue colour which crop up as throwbacks in Sweep's litter, today.

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