This is the bitch puppy selected by Jeff out of Mick's litter from Mini, sired by Bran, for export to Michael and Jenifer in Colarado USA.

They fell in love with Bob's lurchers Ben & Sam, whilst visiting England. So our resident expert Jeff selected one of similar type for them as his knowledge of the strain spans over fifty years. Indeed Jeff's strains of Lurchers and Tumblers go back over 400 years.

Jeff is a quiet, honest, unassuming man who lives quite literally for his dogs. He is not a puppy breeder, he doesn't chase publicity like some, but his love for the dogs and the lengths he goes to encouraging others to breed and promote this endangered strain is astounding. He is a mind of information, always gives sound advise and is always ready to listen. Oh yes and he's quite eccentric!

Norfolks,Smithfields and

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Wiggles above before leaving England
Jeff as an oak
"Compare Ben, Sam and Flirt, the pup will turn out like them with the colouring of Sam, except the white socks." said Jeff
Sam as a sapling
"Wiggles in Colorado USA with her two Jack Russell mates. Isn't she gorgeous!"Caroline
Ben as a sapling
Flirt - sister of Ben and Sam
Wiggles & Mike by the wood pile. Wiggles was sired by Bran out of Mini.