Flurry, a throw back to the rare, sought after, genuine Smithfield type - not to be confused with modern imitations which are usually just beardie Collie crosses. Flurry is in good companion dog condition, but would be a bit leaner if working hard - the trouble is with these big strong dogs they look underfed when fit - because they run best 'light' despite their strong frame. Unless working them hard there is no point in trimming them down too much.

Notice the accelerative type back leg and broad hip inherited from the Norfolk rabbitting ancestory. Sammy an ancestor used to beat top whippet/greyhound racing dogs over 150yd lurcher racing despite being a strong dog like Flurry.

The power from these massive engined dogs is awsome! When fit and supprisingly to most novices Muzz, another of these massive ancestors , ran rings round smaller lighter built lurchers for agility due to the flexibility of the front shoulder structure.

Flurry's pedigree
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