Pups available

         In East Anglia, historically there was a tradition of breeding a specialist type of lurcher whose job was to nail any game flushed from cover or bolted from an earth. They needed ; a strong prey drive, the nous enough to be in the right place at the right time, and be tough enough to work in cluttered hazardous environments. Their job was to catch before the game got going so they are the opposite of the salukie type , that chase things around the country side. They were catch dogs. They were frequently crossed into the Tumblers (which derived their agility from softer coated water dog breeds) in order to harden up their skin, coat and feet. For the same reasons they were used as an outcross to the Smithfield Drovers dog derived lurchers. They also had the bonus of fierce prey drive.
          Jeff has decided it's time to perpetuate this tradition to create an outcross to refresh the genes of our old-fashioned bloodlines. So one of his mates currently has a litter out of a greyhound that ran 129 races without incurring any injury . The sire is a red Garry Middleton strain working lakeland. Do not confuse with the K.C. rubbish. Jeff selected this dog as the best available.
         The traditional crosses for snatch dogs were Red Irish terriers and sometimes airedales in late years but those breeds have been ruined by the show K.C. fraternity. The Bedlingtons were used up north, but they too have been ruined and carry a lethal genetic fault that causes copper poisoning.
         These pups we have bred should be superior to the modern Beddie lurchers ; being produced from tougher, harder coated unspoilt still working strain of terrier.
         These pups will be reasonable, as bred for our own use and we don't expect to cover the costs. It's never about money with us. But be sharp as those not found good homes quickly are booked to go abroad.
         For more information contact Jeff since he planned the breeding and the pups are his mates. Tel . 01933381089 or 07729496916. (No withheld nos). N.B. do not confuse these out crosses with the old strains. That would be to confuse the side salad for the main dish. They are different things.