Allow me to introduce Arrow (Steamer x Scruff).  This is Arrow's last night in England.  He is heading back to the Chicago area with me.  He will be joining a household of Salukis.  I have been involved in Salukis for nearly forty years and have had two lurchers in the 1990's.  Our lurchers were a delight and helped to manage our Salukis.  We never thought we would have another.  We are looking forward to having a great adventure with Arrow. 

Donna Jan 2014

P.S See how much he looks like Martha, that is because our strain is bred for type, rather than an inferior greyhound cross.

We look forward to see him develop over the coming months.

The Editor

11 weeks old

Arrow aged three and a half months. Arrow is a pleasure to work.  He is happy, eager to learn, and has a strong desire to accomplish a task to  please me.

Being a Lurcher I always come for a treat!

Here I come ready or not!
I can do it right!

Being a clever lurcher, Arrow always knows which pockets his treats are in.


5 months