Martha Flowers

Martha Flowers is my new puppy. She was born on 24th August 2012 and is seven weeks old in this series of photos.

She is out of Steamer and Scruff and my Ziggy is in the background, so she is going to be a very special dog. She has settled in well and has learnt to sit on command. My friend and I had great fun dressing her up and she loved it! Plenty of treats of course and she is putty in my hands.

Scroll down to see more photos to see how she progresses.

Josie, Webmistress.

Aged 8 weeks old and below Forever Friends, our Jack PJ has taken a shine to the pup!
Martha aged 12 weeks with her long suffering pal PJ!
Martha aged 13 weeks
Martha's first Christmas aged 17 weeks. She can sit, shake both paws, beg, lay down and stay.
Martha with her great, great Grand Dad Ziggy.

Aged 18 weeks and her very first visit to the beach at Thurlstone, Devon. She loves water and loved running around with all the other dogs.

She slept all the way home, then ate her tea, went for a walk around the block and crashed out until the next day! We would love to live near the sea, perhaps one day when we win the lottery!

She is currently teething and is starting to lose her soft downy puppy coat. Underneath a darker courser fur is growing and is a mixture of black and red. She will probably end up slate grey like Ziggy or red if that is more prominent. Not really fussed about the colour as she will be a great bitch no matter what.

First time in the snow with great, great grandad Ziggy. Winter 2012
Martha aged 5 months. Currently 21 and half inches tall.
Martha aged 6 months, she is now 24" tall and is a very well adjusted and loving animal
Martha aged seven months.
Martha aged 8 months.
Martha aged nine months.
Martha aged ten months.
Martha aged eleven months.
Martha aged 12 months.
Martha aged 13 months.
Martha aged 14 months.
Martha aged 15 months.
Martha aged 16 months.
Martha aged 17 months.
Martha aged 18 months.
Martha age19 months
Martha aged 20 months.
Martha aged 21 months, pictured with Penny on the right.
Martha aged 22 months.
Martha aged 23 months.