Lexi, at 10 weeks.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see her outstanding show wins! She is a real beauty!

Lexi, at 4 months old.
Lexi, at 6 month old.
Lexi, at eight months old.

First show win!

Since her first show win Lexie  has won a total of 14 shows as a pup. The shows are:

  • North Wales Champion of Champions.
  • Stonlands Champion.
  • Cottly Puppy Champion.
  • Weston and Bandwell Puppy Champion.
  • Cotswold Puppy Champion.
  • T y Hafan Dog Show.
  • Bristol Terrier Lurcher Show.
  • Brecknock Agricultural Show.
  • Curre and Langgiby Hunt Show
  • As an adult she has won reserve Champion at Glancynnon Terrier and Lurcher Show and Chepstow Show, so far qualified for Stonelands Champion of Champions and Chatsworth.
  • She won Supreme Champion on Sat 13th July 2013 at St Gwynno Sporting Club and has qualified for the Champion of Champions Weston Park this year.