'Rawnie' a life long friend of Jeff's always favoured the broken coated blue from the Norfolk/Smithfield blood. So when 'Sweep' produced two sisters of this rare colour Jeff gave one a piece to him and his grandson
( Richard).

Here, at 6 months old they are shown in their modern, traditional setting. They are sired by 'Chance' who belongs to Jimmy (Rawnie's son and Richard's father). 'Chance' is from the 'Tina Turner' ( 'Laddie - The- Accident') bloodline of course match dogs.

The last pup Jeff gave 'Rawnie' was a smooth coated red fawn dog which grew to 24 and a quarter inches and became famous as 'Deadly Red' - since out of the first twenty hares he saw he caught eighteen and all before he was 14 mths old when unfortunately he was killed by a car. He caught the first two he ever saw, one after the other, in a small 4 acre fields bordered by barbed wire.

Rawnie with two blue sisters out of 'Sweep' sired by 'Chance' at 6 mths old.
Rawnie with the two sisters one extended stance and one collected - age 6 mths.
Rawnie with the two sisters having changed stances - age 6 mths.