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Tilley aged 6 weeks is out of Ivy and Steamer.

Hi Josie we got our new member of the family via Jack, she's a little sweet heart!  Tilly was born on the 2nd June 2013.

She's growing so much I see a change in her every couple of days, she is a pleasure to have and will grow into a fine looking dog.

Jonathan and Julia

7 weeks old.
Aged 12 weeks.
Age 13 weeks.

Tilly she is now 24week old and stands 22 and a half at the shoulder  and weights 19.4 kg . She coming on really well and loves being part of the pack as you can see the picture with her best friends!  The picture on the left is Tilly after bath time she's all coat a real character, mind she get real dirty after a good run up the woods!

December 2013

Every week Tilly is growing so fast she a wee gem! She's now 8 and a half months old and is 23.5 inches at the shoulder and weighs just over 20kg.
She is everything Jeff an Jack said she would grow like from shape to coat is all 100% correct.

As you can see she's growing into a real belter. All commands from hand to verbal are spot on and picking it up on the field ,she is loving life in Cumbria,

Tilly is pictured here after a morning in the field and in need of a good wash!
She soon fluffs up again! She is so loved.

Jonathan & Julia

January 2014

Is my dinner ready yet mam? Come on!

February 2014

Caught red pawed, trying to thief bad girl Tilly was 7 and a half month on Sunday.

Hi Josie just a update on our Tilly.Tilly is doing really well and is 9 months today.

Jonathan. & Julia

Hi Josie's just a wee update of how Tilly is coming along. Tilly is now 10 months and is starting to shape up well!  She has a good racy body under all that coat, a muzzle shooting out!  Tilly still stands at 24 an a half inches,  and weighs 24kg. We talked with Jack and he thinks Tilly is looking really well. You can see Tilly's shape at bath time, but  don't think she's too impressed with bath times! We are really happy with her she's a wee stunner

Tilly thought it was great fun to play in the mud.

Tilly thinking she's a wee cat. Just one of the funny things she get up to; she cracks us up!
Tilly is 11 & a half months old. Tilly is a Bonny lass doing really well still as cheeky as ever not long now and it's her 1st birthday!

Tilly is now 12 and half month and just under 25" to shoulder and weighs 25kg. he has had her first season and is becoming more chilled as she gets older. It's great watching her run about with the pack as she is so fast when she goes for it and turn she can turn on a button! We took herto her first Lurcher show a couple weeks ago and she got 1st, then got reserved champion. She even got her pic in the local paper which was good fun!

Thanks Jonathan & Julia