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This site is dedicated to "THE LURCHER & TUMBLER WELFARE & BREED CLUB", founded by expert, Jeff with an objective of educating and informing as well as celebrating living with these lovable "rogues".

The true old-fashioned strains were originally bred for stealth poaching and are selectively bred for intelligence and trainability as well as speed, agility, hardiness and vigour. These qualities together with their temperament distinguish them from the modern imitations and makes them superior companions and family pets.

Unfortunately, the original genuine old-fashioned bloodlines were under threat of extinction before they became socially acceptable, and popularity led to inferior imitations, which damage their reputation.

This site intends to assist the club, by publishing a short history, training tips, further knowledgeable articles and information, advice on choosing a suitable dog and discourage puppy farming by locating and recommending correctly bred stock.

The site will also act as a forum for you all to share your stories and pictures of living with lurchers and tumblers (e-mail material to me, below). You may also e-mail for advice etc.

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If you have a genuine 'Old-fashioned' strain of Lurcher and would like to send pictures and stories about your dog please email me below:

Please be aware of imitations. We have had incidents on the internet of people claiming they have our bloodlines. Bloodlines which we have taken years of expertise to perfect. If you want a Rolls Royce then don't settle for a Lada! If you are unsure then please contact us.

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